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History of our Community Agreement

The Community Agreement is the most important document in the formation of the Village of Garden City. In September 1919, three sections of the Village were incorporated under a unique non-political form of government called the Community Agreement.

Instead of contentious elections, residents from each section of the Village submit their names for consideration. The Nominating Committees of each Property Owners' Association (POA) interviews the prospective candidates, and then makes a selection.


Any resident of Garden City has the ability to nominate additional candidates via a simple petition process as well, In that case, a runoff election is then held at a supplemental POA Electors’ Meeting, and the individual receiving the most votes
becomes the nominated candidate for that section of the Village.

This democratic and transparent process provides for equal representation from the four sections of the Village and engages residents’ regular participation in the governance of our Village through the POAs while avoiding the inherently divisive and chaotic nature of politics in most years.

The Community Agreement candidates are completely independent and were selected by their respective POA Nominating Committees solely on their backgrounds and commitment to serve the Village.  They will always consider what is the best interests of all 22,500 residents of the Village of Garden City as this is a core fiduciary responsibility of any resident who serves as a trustee of our Village.

The history of the Community Agreement and the historic document is available below

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