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Our Platform

Right now, the Village faces some of the most critical issues we have seen in quite some time. These issues are all emerging at once. If we have a dysfunctional Board, driven by one party's political agenda, we will find ourselves the victims of our own creation.


We believe there is a better way by have a Board of Trustees that:

  • Will engage with all residents, no matter what "group" they belong to

  • Won't be beholden to only one political party and agenda, but will always consider all our residents - first and only

  • Can be collaborative and work together - no secret meetings, infighting or backstabbing.

  • Can disagree constructively while focusing on getting things done

The Issues

Proposed Casino at the Nassau Coliseum

Along with other communities, work to ensure the Las Vega Sands casino is not approved

Governor Hochul's Housing Plan

Along with other communities, organize strong opposition to the Governor's housing plan and take every reasonable measure to ensure its defeat.

Cathedral Property 

Develop transparent relationship with the Cathedral in order to ensure Village interests are included in any potential future development decisions.

Decision on St Paul's

Support unhindered completion of St Paul's evaluation and Village referendum.

Economic Vitality

Working with existing businesses and attracting new businesses to create a vibrant downtown, with a strong contributing tax base.

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