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Our Platform
All of You, All of Us, Working Together 

The foundation of Garden City is one of a special community – based on community spirit, respect and a sense that we are all working together. It seems to us that some of that has been lost, with divisiveness, politicking, and the exclusion of opposing views all becoming the norm of how the Village operates.  This must change if we are to renew our sense of community and be able to collaboratively face the challenges of the future.


We commit to a Board of Trustees who:

  • Will engage with all residents, no matter what "group" they belong to

  • Won't be beholden to only one political party and agenda, but will always consider all our residents - first and only

  • Can be collaborative and work together - no secret meetings, infighting or backstabbing.

  • Can disagree constructively while focusing on getting things done

The Issues

Proposed Casino at the Nassau Coliseum

Along with other communities, work to ensure the Las Vega Sands casino is not approved. We do not support this development. 

St. Paul's Development 

An inclusive, public and transparent process is the most important element to this next phase. Including all viewpoints, not just a handful of people, will ensure that all voices are heard. ​

Return to the high standards our residents expect 

Develop a renewed sense of community 

Plan for the future 

Clean streets, a vibrant downtown, and a modern infrastructure

Engage residents in postive ways and ensure community events continue 

Create a forward-looking master plan, incorporating all residents' thoughts of what the future holds 

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