Our Platform

Water and Environment

  • Complete the water remediation project as quickly as possible to fully comply with New York State limits on 1,4 dioxane and other contaminants

  • Address recent reports of lead in the tap water of certain homes in the village and additional “blue water” reports

  • Ensure Village residents are provided with consistent, easy to understand and actionable communication and guidance around all water issues

  • Expand mission of our Environmental Advisory Board to address sustainability as it relates to reducing Village’s carbon footprint and environmental impact

  • Achieve the best possible outcome for the affected residents of the Estates as it relates to MTA 3rd rail project

  • Revisit the existing preservation plans of Village green spaces and establish a ‘Greenspace Preservation’ committee to reassess, refine and preserve our ‘garden village’ for future generations

Traffic Safety

  • Implement the Cathedral Avenue Road Diet initiated through the POAs.  Utilized this pilot program to establish a successful precedent for addressing traffic safety issues across all sections of the Village (excessive speed, school zone safety, high frequency accident zones)

  • Investigate and utilize innovative technology solutions to preserve safety and quality of life in the Village

  • Ensure that adaptations are forward thinking and take into consideration potential future impacts Village wide, including surrounding community development to forecast effects on Village traffic

Village Governance and Leadership

  • Maintain the unique aspects of our Village governance, including a robust POA and balanced Trustee system, designed to provide an equal voice for all Village residents

  • Deny the emergence of political parties in running our Village

  • Ensure Village governing bodies work with and communicate transparently to all residents, respecting all view and not aligning with any one group or ideology

Fire Safety

  • Ensure our volunteer fire department has the necessary resources to provide the Village residents with the highest possible level of fire safety

  • Review and continue to discuss the recommendations of the fire safety committee

  • Finalize a decision on the Edgemere firehouse

St. Paul’s

  • Continue the process of engaging residents through the St. Paul’s Committees to assess all options regarding St. Paul’s property and hold a public referendum to determine the fate of the building

  • Continue monitoring ongoing dialogue with all relevant parties regarding the Cathedral House property and be transparent in our communication to residents


  • Re-establish the tradition of Trustees attending POA meetings to directly hear feedback on local issues and provide updates to residents

  • Require Mayor to provide a monthly update of key issues facing the Village at Board of Trustee meetings (e.g., Water issues, St. Paul’s, Fire safety recommendations, Edgemere Fire House)

  • Implement a new Village website to make finding information and conducting transactions easier along with the development of a new mobile app

  • Modify existing Village Safety Alert system to notify residents of any significant or urgent issues

  • Appoint a Trustee as Communications Leader to ensure information is shared proactively and consistently, including the creation of a Village newsletter to keep residents apprised of projects in the Village

Operations Improvement

  • Conduct headcount analysis of current Village positions versus previous five years to identify gaps where these human resources are needed to provide a high standard of Village services

  • Create a citizen committee to review Village operations with the objective of enhancing productivity through digital transformation

  • Implement program to address litter in all common areas of the village to maintain its beauty

  • Revamp Village’s code enforcement process to focus on areas most impacting quality of life for residents (curbing dogs, restricting lawn signs, enforcing landscaper start times and overnight parking restrictions)

Business Community

  • Ensure a vibrant and positive business community, recognizing that our business community creates a unique Village and resident experience

  • Establish a GC 2040 Committee of residents to focus on long-term strategic planning, consider how Village needs will evolve over the decades and evaluate ways to preserve and grow our tax base including attracting new businesses while retaining existing ones

  • Honor the vision of A.T. Stewart by developing a ‘master plan’ to allow for growth while maintain the integrity and history of our village design and our community spaces