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Cleaning Up Our Village is a top priority!

These pictures clearly depict the current condition of our downtown area, which is unacceptable for our residents. In 2024, we must bring about a significant change. Our focus should be on cleaning and power washing the sidewalks, maintaining and cleaning our signs, fixing any damaged pavers to ensure safety, and conducting basic painting of benches and metal posts throughout the town. Additionally, it js crucial that we address the issue of litter by implementing a comprehensive litter cleanup program. The current state of our downtown does not align with the image we want for Garden City. It is imperative that we establish an annual maintenance and cleaning program for our town while also being mindful of our budget. Thank you for taking the time to view this message, and we kindly ask you to share it to raise awareness. Your support for the Board of Trustees election on March 19th, 2024, would be greatly appreciated. Together, with the Community Agreement Party candidates - Bruce Torino, Judy Courtney, Jessica Tai, and, Vinny Muldoon - we are fully committed to resolving this major issue in our village.

Garden City News - January 12, 2024 

Community Agreement Party Candidates for BOT Announced

The Garden City Property Owners Associations are proud to announce the Community Agreement Party (CAP) nominees for Village Trustees: Judy Courtney,  Bruce Torino, Jessica Tai and Vinny Muldoon.   We welcome all Garden City residents to attend a special joint POA meeting to meet the four candidates on Tuesday, January 16, 2024 at 7:30 p.m. at the Garden City Senior Center. 

  • Judy Courtney is a lifelong resident of Garden City.  As a Human Resources professional with more than 20 years’ experience in organization design, leadership and performance management, Judy has volunteered in many different Village organizations, including her current position as an at-large member of the Village Recreation Commission.  She served for nine years as an EPOA director, including two as president, and as the East representative on the Traffic Commission. During the past year, Judy had been a leader of the POA Engagement Team, providing a series of events for all Village residents. These events engaged over 1,000 residents and included such activities as the GC Art Exhibit with artist Michael White (in partnership with the GC Historical Society) the Family Fall Festival (in partnership with the GC Bird Sanctuary), the History of Aviation Series (in partnership with the Cradle of Aviation Museum) and the first Village-wide Holiday House Decorating Contest. She regularly attends Board of Trustees meetings, budget meetings and other Village events.

  • Bruce Torino is running for reelection to the Village Board of Trustees. Bruce served as a trustee from 1997-2001 before running and being elected to the Board again in 2021. He is the senior trustee on the board with six years of experience on the BOT. Prior to that service he was involved with the CPOA where he was an officer.. He has always openly engaged with residents to effectively address their concerns. Bruce has always endeavored to preserve the character of Garden City, from working with concerned citizens on the future of St. Paul’s, to preventing the development of areas in and around Garden City by big business. Bruce feels strongly about volunteerism and serving one’s community. In addition to his experience as a Village trustee, Bruce has served as a volunteer firefighter while away at college where he also was a YMCA Aquatics Director and Red Cross Water Safety Instructor where he instituted a swimming program for the developmentally challenged. Upon returning home after college he was an EMT on a volunteer ambulance corps.

  • Jessica Tai deeply appreciates the beauty and values of the village of Garden City. As a mother of two children in our elementary school, an educator for 20 years, and a member of local and village clubs and associations, she possesses a keen understanding of family needs and the crucial role a community plays in an individual’s wellbeing. Proactively participating in Village Board of Trustees meetings, she advocates for the community’s interests by posing insightful questions and articulating the needs of young families with the Board. She brings crucial town developments to the forefront, ensuring residents stay informed about the latest happenings in our community. Jessica is determined to continue the village’s legacy and contribute to its positive enhancements.

  • Vinny Muldoon is the owner of Old World Quality Corp., stands as a distinguished figure among Garden City's general contractors, renowned for both the excellence of his craftsmanship and his philanthropic endeavors within the community. His commitment to quality work is matched only by his generous contributions to various Village causes and his unwavering support for residents in times of need.  Vinny and his adept team spearheaded the temporary preservation efforts for the iconic St. Paul's clock tower, offering their expertise and services without charge to the Village. This selfless act underscores his dedication to preserving the heritage and landmarks that define our community. Given the importance of planned preservation for St. Paul's, Vinny Muldoon's inclusion on the Village Board of Trustees promises to bring an invaluable skill set. His proven track record of not only meeting but exceeding expectations in both construction and community service makes him an exemplary candidate to further enhance the well-being and prosperity of our Village.

Judy, Bruce, Jessica and Vinny will appear as Community Agreement Party candidates on the ballot for Village election on Tuesday, March 19, 2024.  

Additional information on each candidate will appear in future editions of the Garden City News.  Residents will also have the opportunity to learn more about Judy, Bruce, Jessica and Vinny and meet them at upcoming events.

The POAs are also pleased to announce two candidates for the Garden City Board of Education (BOE). Joe Sileo, current President of the BOE, will be running for reelection and Carl Oliveri will be running for the trustee position now held by Tom Pinou.  The vote for school board members and the budget will be held on Tuesday, May 21, 2024.  Further information on Joe and Carl will be provided at a later date.

Letters to the Editor

Garden City News - January 19, 2024

  • As the Community Agreement Party (CAP) candidates, we are proud to be running for Village Trustee. We are a diverse group, with different experiences and perspectives. And, while we may have different viewpoints on many issues, we share one common value, which is why we are running for Trustee. The foundation of Garden City is one of a special community – based on community spirit, respect and a sense that we are all working together. It seems to us that some of that has been lost, with divisiveness, politicking, and the exclusion of opposing views all becoming the norm of how the Village operates.  This must change if we are to renew our sense of community and be able to collaboratively face the challenges of the future.

  • What is our focus?

  • All residents matter – seniors, school families, new residents – and should be listened to and respected

  • Develop a renewed sense of community – engaging residents in positive ways and ensuring community events continue

  • Return to the high standards our residents expect – clean streets, a vibrant downtown, and a modern infrastructure

  • Resolve St. Paul’s in a truly open and action-oriented way

  • Strongly oppose the proposed Sands development and Casino

  • Plan for the future by creating a forward-looking master plan, incorporating all residents’ thoughts of what the future holds for the Village

  • We are independent thinkers who believe that all residents, no matter what their viewpoint or affiliation, should be respected and listened to. It shouldn’t matter what “group” you belong to or if your opinion is different than ours. As your Trustees, we commit that transparency, honesty, inclusion and teamwork will be present in all we do.

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