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Garden City

Community Agreement Party

Expertise. Experience. Vision.

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Building on our traditions for a better tomorrow

The Community Agreement Party has represented the residents of the Village of Garden City since the founding of the village in 1919.  On Tuesday,  March 21,  2023, an election will be held for mayor and three of our village trustees.  We welcome you to learn more about our candidates for the Board of Trustees who are committed to the traditions of our Community Agreement.


Our candidates have the personal and professional expertise and experience to oversee the complexity of the Village’s operations with total annual expenditures of $75 million and have plans to shape the future of the village by bringing new ideas and perspectives.


Expertise & Experience



Our candidates are independent-minded and committed to the non-political vision of our Community Agreement.  Our candidates are committed to representing all 22,500 residents of the village.  If you would like more information about the candidates and/or would like to volunteer to support them, please email us at

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